Check Out your Heart in Few Seconds

Q) How does the blockage occur?
A) Blockage in the coronary arteries occurs due to deposition of cholesterol on the surface of the arteries. This is a slow process and occurs over a period of time. Finally the deposits of cholesterol harden with further deposition of calcium within them.
Q) What are the implications of blockage of the heart arteries?
Q) Why does this disease occur?
Q) Can anything be done to prevent CAD?
Q) How does one detect the degree of blockage of the heart arteries?
Q) Are there other techniques to detect the blockage?
Q) So is there a choice for someone if that person is not sure that he / she has CAD, or is at high risk, or has unusual or atypical symptoms, and does not want to undergo hospitalisation or an invasive test?
Q) What if the 64 slice CT angiography shows an abnormality?
Q) Is there any additional information that CT angiography gives more than catheter angiography?
Q) What are the other uses for 64 slice CT Angiography?
Q) What are the risks?
Q) Does this test replace coronary angiography?
Q) What is Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)?

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