Imaging Services

          Focus Diagnostics believes in providing the most competitive and quality services at cost effective prices. We are armed with world class equipment and our team has sheer competence and dedication to diagnose factual problems of our patients. Our focus is on to offer unblemishing and incomparable services as our teams of professionals have sizeable experience in offering diagnostic services to a wide gamut of customers.

We offer the following services
1. Twin beam dual energy spectral CT scan
2. 76 coil elements 18 channel 1.5T MRI
3. Bone Mineral Densitometry(BMD)
4. Preventive health check up.
5. Complete range of laboratory investigations.
6. Color Doppler- Ultrasonography
8. 360 degrees Endoanal Sonography
9. Fluroscopy with IITVE & Digital X-Ray
10. Digital Mammography
11. Endoscopy & Colonoscopy (Dr Anils Gastro Centre)
12. Digital OPG
13. Digital EEG, ENMG
15. Super Speciality Clinics

Laboratory Services

Techniques Instruments Make
Biochemistry Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer Biolis - 24i TOKYO BOEKI, Japan
Biochemistry Semi Automated Analyzer ERBA - Chem - 5 Plus V2 ERBA,Germany
Electrophoresis Genio - S Fully Automated Clinical Electrophoresis Instrument Lilac,Italy
Flowcytometer Backman Coulter EPICS - XL Beckman Coulter, U.S.A
Immunoassay Backman Coulter Immuno Access - 2 Beckman Coulter, U.S.A
Real Time PCR Rotor Gene - Q 6200/2 - Plex Corbett Reseach, Australia
Nephlometry Backman Coulter Immage - 800 (First Time in A.P) Beckman Coulter, U.S.A
Automated Extraction Machine Mini Mag (First Time in A.P) Biomerieux, France
L.P.L.C (by HBA1C Test) DS - 5 DREW Scientifics,U.K
ELISA Reader Microplate reader BIO RAD, U.S.A.
ELISA Reader Strip reader ERBA,Germany
Electrolytes Easy lyte ERBA,Germany
Coagulometer Huma clot junior HUMAN,Germany
Haematology SYSMEX KX-21 ,3 - Part Haematology analyzer Sysmex,Japan
Water purifier system ELIX - 3 MILLIPORE,U.S.A
Bio - Safety Bio - Safety cabinets Airsys , India
Laminar Flow Laminar Flow Benches Airsys , India
Cytology Microscope OLYMPUS,MAGNUS

Health Packages

We offer the following services

Integrated exclusive preventive medial care area.

Focused investigations, advice and consultations under one roof in a separate good ambience.

Focus Check Up's available

CheckUp Name CheckUp Price
Master Health check up ( MHC ) Rs. 3500.00
Executive Health check up ( EHC ) Rs. 5000.00
Well Women’s check up ( WWC ) Rs. 4500.00
Diabetic profile (DP) Rs. 3000.00
Cardiac Check up (CHC) Rs. 3500.00

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For a medical diagnosis at any Focus branch,please contact our round the clock patient care centre at the following number.

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Schedule an Appointment


For a medical diagnosis at any Focus branch,please contact our round the clock patient care centre at the following number.


For Appointments call:
040-23350110, 23351818, 23352187

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